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Introduction to SYAU
SYAU General Information        
       Shenyang Agricultural University (SYAU), jointly administered by national and local governments, is a national key university in China. The Chairman of SYAU University Council is Prof. Liu Guanglin. The President of SYAU is Prof. Chen Qijun.         
       With Tianzhu Mountain standing on its north side, the world cultural heritage---Fuling Tomb of Qing Dynastry to its east and Hunhe River to its south, SYAU is situated in the heart of the integrated region linking the two cities of Shenyang and Fushun. Occupying a total area of 10246mu (mu is a unit of area used in China and 1mu is equivalent to around 0.067 hectare) and surrounded with a tranquil neighborhood, a beautiful scenery and a pleasant ecological and cultural environment, SYAU makes an ideal place for teaching, learning and research.        
        Guided by the CPC education development strategies, generations of SYAU faculties and students have been making unremitted joint efforts to promote the undertaking of education with the spirit of  exploration and innovation.  SYAU is a major participant in the national project for "Building and Strengthening Basic Capacity for Universities in Central and Western Regions of China", one of China’s first batch of    pilot universities    to set up a research institute for new rural areas development and one of China’s first group of universities to pilot the reform on talent cultivation in fields of agriculture and forestry with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Education, PRC, the Ministry of Agriculture, PRC and the State Forestry Bureau, PRC. With an equal importance put to teaching and research, SYAU has made itself a research and application-oriented university integrating the academic   foci    on multiple disciplines of agriculture, science, engineering, economics, management and law with agricultural and life sciences as its characteristic specialties.           
       SYAU has 16 colleges and 4 teaching faculties. With a sound and complete system for agricultural education and research, SYAU currently has 8 post-doc research programs, 72 doctoral programs, 114 master's programs, and 58 undergraduate programs, incorporating 3 national key disciplines, 3 MOA key disciplines, 7 provincially higher education first-class characteristic disciplines, 27 provincially key disciplines.         
        To ensure a better environment that enables quality education and research at SYAU, an all-around upgrade of teaching and research infrastructure was initiated in 2012 and worked out rapidly with 17 new functional buildings bulit covering an area of 200,000 square meters and well-equipped world-class teaching and research bases put into use. The construction of new outside-campus teaching and research demonstration centers has been completed with an area of 43 hectares in Haicheng, Liaozhong and Zhangwu, having enormously enlarged the development space for SYAU and providing further support and guarantee for developing high-level teaching and research activities.        
        "United, Diligent, Truth-seeking, and Innovative”, SYAU faculties, staff and students have always been working hard to honor the inspiring motto. In the new era, SYAU is sparing no efforts to break a new ground for improving its inner capacity, prioritizing talent cultivation, subjects building, research and extension as a leading agricultural university.          
SYAU History        
        The history of SYAU dates back to Mukden Agricultural Institute set up by the government of Qing Dynastry in 1906 when the agricultural education started to spring up in China. After that, SYAU went through several development periods and had several names including Mukden Agricultural College, Agricultural of Northeastern University and Shenyang Agricultural College.   In 1952, in nation-wide rearrangement and reform of institutions for higher education, SYAU was renamed the new Shenyang Agricultural College after the former was amalgamated with College of Agricultural Sciences of Fudan University.   In October, 1979, the State Council approved Shenyang Agricultural College as a leading institution under the administration of the Ministry of Agriculture.   In 1981, Shenyang Agricultural College became one of the earliest institutions in China to offer Master and PhD degrees. In October, 1985, the name of Shenyang Agricultural College was changed to Shenyang Agricultural University (current SYAU) . The name was then dedicated by  Mr. Deng Xiaoping.   In 2000, from being managed by the Ministry of Agriculture, PRC, SYAU developed into a leading agricultural university  affiliated to Liaoning Province and jointly administered by both national and local governments.          
SYAU People        
        With 257 professors having been awarded the government allowance by the State Council, SYAU now has 1,729 faculties and staff including 1250 full-time teaching staff, of whom there are 187 professors, 334 associate professors, 202 PhD student advisors, and 577 Master candidate supervisors. SYAU is pround of having 2 members of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 5 invited academy members, 2 winners of China Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars, 6 national young talent titles including  winner of China Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars,winner of "Young Changjiang Talent" 1 National Changjiang Scholar guest professor, 2 National “Qianren Program” invited professors, 3 listed professors in the first two levels of National “Baiqianwan Talent Program”, 2 listed professors in the National level of “New Century Baiqianwan Talent Program”, 1 listed professor in the National “Baiqianwan Talent Program”, 4 winners of the MOE Excellent Talent Support Program, 4 members of the State Council Discipline Evaluation and Deliberation Committee, 1 listed research team in MOE Innovation Program, 1 listed research team in MOA Outstanding Talent and Innovation Program, 2 listed professor in MOA “Shennong Program”, 1 listed professor in Liaoning Provincial Academy Member Candidate Program, 7 Liaoning Pandeng scholars, 20 specially-invited professors, 4 members of Liaoning Provincial Discipline Evaluation and Deliberation Committee and 1 title for National Outstanding Teacher and 21 titles of Liaoning Provincial Outstanding Teacher. SYAU has forged a reasonable teaching team with an optimal age structure and diversity of specialties, which adds up to the capacities and advantages needed for exploring and developing and the emerging, cutting-edge and interdisciplinary subjects.        
        SYAU has been all the way putting priority on improving the quality of cultivating talents, attaching importance to teaching and research reform and paying efforts in developing all-around ability and innovative spirits out of students. Since the foundation, SYAU has produced over 130,000 graduates who have contributed their talent to the building and progress of China’s social and economic development, enjoying widely a credited reputation.        
       Presently, the number of on-campus students amounts to 21,156, consisting of 777 PhD candidates, 3,011 postgraduate students and 13,310 undergraduate students, 403 international students, 776 part-time professional Master candidates, and 2,879 students for continuing education .        
SYAU Teaching &Research        
        Being listed among top 1% of the world by Essential Essentials Science Indicator (ESI) in agricultural sciences, plant science and animal sciences, SYAU’s teaching and research capacity has been well recognized across the sector. With 93 scientific research institutes of national and provincial levels, including national engineering laboratories and institutes for new rural areas development research approved of by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education, 19 comprehensive laboratories and experiments teaching centers and 176 practical training bases and fields within and outside of the campus, SYAU has outstanding platfomrs to harness its capacity of teaching and research.   9 national and provincial awards for outstanding teams of teaching-staff, 5 national awards for characteristic and comprehensive reform demonstration degree programs, 2 awarded national projects for reform demonstration on talent education and cultivation in agriculture and forestry, covering 8 degree programs, 41 provincial selected characteristic demonstration degree programs for academic transformation development, 16 national and provincial awards for excellent resource-sharing courses, 2 national awards for excellent on-line courses, 21 provincial awards for excellent courses, 2 national awards for video courses, 4 national-level agricultural teaching and research cooperative talent cultivation bases that have been selected as the first group of such bases, 2 university student extra curriculum practical education bases, 14 national-level and provincial-level demonstration centers for doing experiments and teaching, and 14 demonstration centers for university student practical education, they have made SYAU a brilliant institution to study at and do research with.         
        Since 2000, SYAU faculties and staff have undertaken more than 8,000 research projects of national, provincial and municipal levels. 298 of them have received national, provincial or municipal awards. 78% of research achievements have been widely extended to and applied in the agricultural production, generating great economic profits. A scientific and technological demonstration and extension network has been set up, which is composed of demonstration bases settled in 26 towns in 14 cities across Liaoning Province, to popularize scientific knowledge and technological expertise and 58 SYAU technological personnel have been appointed full-time or part-time technological officers or counselors in those towns, counties, contributing their efforts to developing agriculture through science and education.        
SYAU International Exchange &Cooperation        
        SYAU attaches great importance to the international exchanges and cooperation with world-famous universities and research institutes. So far, it has established scientific academic cooperation linkswith 84 institutions of higher education and research institutes in over 40 countries and regions around the world.        
 SYAU Community Recognition            
         SYAU enjoys productive achievements in campus culture building and has put into shape the SYAU Spirit featuring perseverance, constant development, unfailing confidence, and the decisive factor of human efforts. A SYAU Speed has been created and the optimal atmosphere of respecting knowledge, respecting talents and respecting science has been well received by the community. A raft of titles of honor have been awarded to SYAU for its wide community recognition, including “National Civilized Unit”, “Provincial Civilized Unit”, “Top 50 Model Universities for Employment of Graduates”, “Model Staff Union in National Education, Science, Culture and Health System”, “National Unit of Excellence for Work of Degree and Postgraduate Education Information”, “National May 1st Labor Certificate”, “Model School for Campus Culture Building in Liaoning Province”, “Model Campus of Liaoning Province”, etc.        
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