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2016 Commencement Grandly Held
   On June 26th, SYAU 2016 Commencement was grandly held in the Hefeng Multi-functional Gymnasium. SYAU leadership panel attended the ceremony including Chi Weiyi, CPC Secretary of SYAU Commission, Liu Guanglin, president of SYAU, Li Tianlai, vice president of SYAU, Lv Jie, vice president of SYAU, Wang Tieliang, vice president of SYAU, Wang Jicheng, vice president of SYAU, Jiang Xingwang, assistant president of SYAU, Zhang Zhengli, general affairs director and Du Jingshun, general treasurer of SYAU.
   At the commencement, President Liu made a speech entitled No Regrets for Our Youth, Build Our Dreams with Originality. In the speech, he congratulated all the graduates on their successful graduation and expressed gratitude to them for their company with SYAU on the path its development. To all the graduates, President Liu raised three hopes. The first is to hope all the 2016 SYAU graduates to always harbor a dream; the second is to hope 2016 SYAU graduates to always maintain confidence; the third is to hope 2016 SYAU graduates to build up sense of responsibility and innovation. President Liu’s words of instruction and hope touched mind of every graduate and earned a host of rounds of applause from the graduates.
   President Liu and other members of SYAU academic assessment and evaluation committee presented the 3066 Bachelor’s, degree certificates, 789 Master’s degree certificates and 74 Doctoral degree certificates at the 2016 commencement.
   The commencement was co-hosted by vice president Lv Jie and vice president Wang Jicheng. Vice president Li Tianlai announced the name roll of this year’s SYAU graduates.

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