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SYAU and UT Signs Cooperation Agreement
On June 22nd, President Liu Guanglin of Shenyang Agricultural University met with the delegation of the University of Tennessee led by Willaim Brown, director of Agresearch, UTIA and signed the cooperative agreement with UT representatives, initiating the all-around cooperation with the UT. SYAU vice president Wang Tieliang and Chen Qijun attended to the meeting.
   At the meeting, President Liu said, “The University of Tennessee is a world-famous university and the cooperation between SYAU and UT has a history to record. With the help of Professor Zhuang Jie, SYAU alumnus and current professor at UT and efforts made by Professor Wang Jingkuan, dean of College of Land and Environment, SYAU, the two universities have already launched some academic cooperation programs. Today the signing of the agreement for cooperation between SYAU and UT is an important achievement for SYAU in its path of internalization of education, marking the start of an all-around cooperation between SYAU and UT. The signing of the agreement will surely lay a solid foundation for both of the two institutions to bring their general education, joint research, joint education, curriculum setting and talent cultivation to the next level.” President Liu also expressed hope that the two sides would deepen and extend cooperation.
   In the address by Director William Brown, he said that UT and SYAU shares common interests in the agriculture-related areas while enjoying respective strong points. He expected that the two sides would draw on the strong points of the other side and make up for respective weak points by materializing the mobility of faculties, exchange of students and collaboration of research in the areas that appeal to both sides of the two universities.
   After the agreement signing ceremony, SYAU vice president Wang Tieliang accompanied by SYAU office of International Exchange and Graduate School had an in-depth talk with Director William Brown, Director Tom Gill and assistant director John Stier from UTIA and proposed detailed ideas about cooperation programs including joint education program in undergraduate level and of PhD students, mobility of faculties for lectures and research and establishment of joint center on research of fertility and productivity of black soil.
   Members of the UT delegation were also invited to offer an academic report in SYAU’s College of Land and Environment, College of Plant Protection, College of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine and College of Economics and Management and conduct academic exchange with SYAU faculties and students.
   Present at the meeting and agreement signing ceremony were also heads of Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Scientific Research, Graduate School, Office of International Exchange, College of Land and Environment, College of Economics and Management, College of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine.  

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