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SYAU 2023 Joint International Student Symposium on Food, Energy and Water Closes

Organized by Shenyang Agricultural University and the University of Tennessee, the 2023 Joint International Student Symposium on "Food-Energy-Water for Sustainable Urban Development was held online via virtual link from April 20th to 21st. The conference was co-hosted by the College of International Education, SYAU, the College of Land and Environment, SYAU and the Shenyang Agricultural University Sino-US Research Center for Soil Productivity and Environmental Protection.

During the two-day session, 36 speakers from China, Pakistan, Ecuador, the United States, the Republic of Panama, the Republic of EI Salvador and other countries shared their views on sustainable development, including 11 academic reports delivered by students from SYAU in their respective fields of study. Focusing on the themes of Zero Hunger, Clean Water and Sanitation, Affordable Clean Energy, Sustainable Cities and Communities, and Responsible Consumption and Production, the conference inspired in-depth thinking and thought-provoking discussion among participants for solutions to resources and environment sustainability.

The conference provided a shared platform for academic exchange and offered a valuable communication opportunity for students studying or taking interest in the subjects of food, energy and water. In the opening address, Professor John Stier, Associate Dean of Herbert College of Agriculture, UT hoped that “the conference would further strengthen students network internationally and promote to establish a global academic partnership for sustainable development.”

As a member of the organizing committee, Professor Li Bingxue, the first mentor for Enfeng Class in the College of Land and Environment, SYAU and assistant director of the SYAU Sino-US Joint Center for Soil Productivity and Environmental Protection, believed that “the close relationship of food-energy-water is crucial to the survival and development of human beings, and it is necessary for young students to build a global academic network to work on it together.” He also expressed his readiness to continue developing such activities under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and create unparalleled opportunities for students from all over the world to learn from each other.

At the conference, students were able to push the boundaries of their areas of study and widen their academic horizons though following closely along the reports and proactively engaging their minds in the Q&A sessions. Topics such as Establishing "Big Food View" to Ensure Effective Food Supply, Application of Biochar in Ecological Protection of Wetland Water, Food Security Implications of Carbon-centric Carbon Accounting for the Food Life Cycle, A Stoichiometric Approach Indicates Greater Plant Versus Microbial Inputs to Mineral-associated Soil Organic Matter and Low-Carbon Age, How to ‘make’ fish in tomato sauce? — A new mode of urban-rural integration among others, showed the students’ different perspectives on food, energy and water, drawing great interest among the participants and audiences.

Today, the world is faced with more challenging environmental issues than ever. How to promote sustainable urban development through the food-energy-water nexus is a global issue that calls for long-term attention and joined-up thinking. How can human beings live in harmony with nature?... These problems are waiting for us to think, study and practice, and the solution to each problem may just arise from each interaction of ideas and the proactive integration of cross-disciplinary knowledge.

Over 100 students from 10 countries participated in the joint symposium.  

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